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The apprenticeship provider giant 3aaa has been put into administration following an investigation by ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency). The investigation started after claims of inflated success rates where made.

The following are quotes from the .gov website:

“In conjunction with recent investigations, we have issued notices to terminate contracts with 3aaa.”

“During the notice period, the suspension on apprenticeship enrolments remains in place.”

I would urge any apprentices under 3aaa or employers who have apprentices with the company to visit the government website addressing these issues here.

The ESFA have also set up an email for anyone in which these issues effect. Use the below email to get more information about how this will effect you and what you can do next: 3.AAA@education.gov.uk.

I am (or I was) an apprentice under 3aaa doing a Software Technician course. This will not only affect my self but the two other developers on my course, the other 4000 and a half apprentices.

Who Has This Effected?

These events have not only drastically effected the roughly 4,500 apprentices but the 500 staff as well.

The evening I found out about 3aaa going into administration (a week ago today) I decided to try and contact my mentor. After opening my email I found that he had already sent out an email to all of the apprentices under him:

“As you may have heard by now, 3aaa has gone into liquidation and we are all out of a job.
I just wanted to say that it has been an honour to work with you and it is a pity that I will no longer be your trainer/assessor/mentor.
Hopefully they will find another provider in which to work and take you through the process of getting your portfolio done and I wish you all the best in that.
Once again, thanks for being a great bunch of people to work with and I may see you in the future.”

Thu 11/10/2018, 22:14

Sent almost two hours before I found out, I found this email quite saddening. I realised that it wasn’t only me and the other apprentices who had been affected but the staff as well.

Though I didn’t like 3aaa as a company and I can say first hand that it had plenty of faults. Those 500 members of staff did not deserve to have their lives turned upside down on such short notice.

What Now?

As the government have now made clear – it is either up to the employee and/or apprentice to select a new apprenticeship provider or they are able to contact the Board of Education and request that they find a new provider.

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